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Southern Utah Art Guild

Art for the Soul

Photo Gallery

June 2015 Show June 2015 Show Show Poster 198748934 Show Poster 198748503 Stacked Baskets Mary Curtis Gourd Best of Show 198748522 Wednesday Eric Birkin Acrylic First Place 198748527 Morning on Lake Powell Royden Card Acrylic Second Place 198748511 Magic Light, Horse Shoe Point Brad Dawber Photography Third Place 198756848 Necklace and Earring Set Juanita Becker Jewelry Honorable Mention 198756852 Rock Formation - Cathedral Gorge State Park Gary Alba Photography Honorable Mention 198756837 Canyon Eddi Malloy Mixed Media Honorable Mention 198748517 Stressed Porcelain - 1 Hazel Janet White Porcelain Honorable Mention 198756845 Palouse Landscape Duke Breitenbach Photography Honorable Mention 198756838 Great White Throne Deann Rex Oil Honorable Mention 198756843 Celebration Sandra Fullerton Oil People Choice Winner 199017765 Harry Mike Zabriskie Oil 198748504 Curley Mike Zabriskie Oil 198748505 Moe Mike Zabriskie Oil 198756844 Scarlet Mountain George Kehew Acrylic 198748506 Sea Treasurers George Kehew Acrylic 198748936 Apple Eaters George Kehew Acrylic 198748515 Double Blessing Brad Dawber Photography 198748508 Monument Valley Sandra Feldman Alcohol Ink on Tile 198748509 Tree Scape Sandra Feldman Alcohol Ink on Tile 198756847 Day's End Win Barney Oil 198748510 Poppy Patch Carol Wenz Dye on Silk 198748512 Sierra Sunset Paul Jensen Oil on Linen 198748513 New Order Charles M Fletcher Acrylic 198748514 Blue on Red Charles M Fletcher Acrylic 198748521 Crimson Charles M Fletcher Acrylic 198748518 Into the Garden Eddi Malloy Mixed Media 198748519 Cactus Flower Eddi Malloy Mixed Media 198748516 Feathered vase Mary Curtis Gourd 198748523 Kokopelli Dancers Mary Curtis Gourd 198748524 In the Market Maureen Booth Watercolor 198748520 Contrasts Duane Derfler Oil 198748525 Friday Eric Birkin Acrylic 198748526 Monday Eric Birkin Acrylic 198748528 Falling Water John Mangels Watercolor 198748931 Cliff Light John Mangels Watercolor 198748932 Going Fishing John Mangels Watercolor 198748933 Pheasants Judy Ewing Oil 198748935 Resurrection Feeling Skylar Chang Watercolor 198756850 Aroma Skylar Chang Watercolor 198756635 Water Platter Marlene Barnes Digitally Altered Photography 198756836 Hummingbird Flight Cindy Eickhoff Alcohol Ink on Tile 198756839 Purple Morning Glory Cindy Eickhoff Alcohol Ink on Tile 198756840 Lemons Pat Hoffman Watercolor 198756841 Jewelry Harold Tanner Acrylic 198756842 4th of July Mel Scott Watercolor 198756849 Galaxy Mel Scott Watercolor - Acrylic 198756851