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Southern Utah Art Guild

Art for the Soul

Photo Gallery

The Gift of Art 2017 The Gift of Art 2017 The Gift of Art Show Poster 204628920 Bryce White Knob Duke Brietenbach Photography Best of Show 204635857 Duke Brietenbach 204635859 Burst of Color 1 Gayla Folkman Oil First Place 204628772 Gayla Folkman 204635856 Bees Four George Kehew Acrylic Second Place 204628523 George Kehew 204635858 Purple Flowers Annie Barber Watercolor Third Place 204635854 Annie Barber 204635855 Pink Daisy Mel Scott Alcohol Ink on Tile Honorable Mention 204635867 Mel Scott 204635852 Kayenta Eddi Malloy Mixed Media Honorable Mention 204628621 Dancing Squid Cheryl Sachse Acrylic Honorable Mention 204628623 Nebula Alan Curtis Acrylic Honorable Mention 204628832 The Gift Holly Varszegi Collage Honorable Mention 204628879 Indian Dancer Deann Rex Watercolor Honorable Mention 204635864 Winter Comes Deena Millecam Watercolor 204628518 Grandma's Porch Deena Millecam Watercolor 204628520 Bees One George Kehew Acrylic 204628521 Bees Three George Kehew Acrylic 204628519 Bees Two George Kehew Acrylic 204635853 George Kehew Acrylic 204628829 Bee in Thistle Mary Curtis Photography 204628831 Indian Blanket Mary Curtis Photography 204628526 Handbuilt Mini-Jug Alan Curtis Ceramic 204628527 Handbuilt Bottle Alan Curtis Ceramic 204628528 Free Flow Pink & Gold Alan Curtis Acrylic 204628833 Dalmatian Love John Mangels Watercolor 204628522 Right Fork John Mangels Watercolor 204635851 Space John Mangels Acrylic 204628524 Evening Rain John Mangels Acrylic 204628525 OH! John Mangels Acrylic 204628529 Fuchsia Mel Scott Alcohol Ink on Tile 204635866 Mel Scott Alcohol Ink 204628616 Ornamental Mel Scott Alcohol Ink 204635861 Drifting Mari Wittek Watercolor 204628617 Into the Flurries Mari Wittek Watercolor 204628779 Forest Edge Mari Wittek Watercolor 204628778 Poinsettia Annie Barber Mixed Media 204628618 Coral Reef Cheryl Sachse Acrylic 204628619 Cactus Night Bloom Cheryl Sachse Acrylic 204628620 Meadows edge Eddi Malloy Mixed Media 204628622 The George Eddi Malloy Mixed Media 204628624 Fall in the Air Sharon Turley Oil 204628625 Favorite View Sharon Turley Oil 204628626 Burst of Color 2 Gayla Folkman Oil 204628774 Midnight dance Rebekah Tucker Ink 204628773 Simplicity Rebekah Tucker Ink 204628775 Bubbles Rebekah Tucker Ink 204628771 Pomegranate Carmen Gentry Acrylic 204628777 Highway 89 Deann Rex Oil 204628780 Red Dingy Deann Rex Oil 204628776 Spring Delight Deann Rex Watercolor 204635860 Bird on a Wire Deann Rex Oil 204635865 Sunflower Bud 1 - Enterprise Gary Alba Photography 204628830 Weave Tom & Linda Stout Glass 204628834 Whimsey Larry Callahan Acrylic 204628835 Eruption Larry Callahan Acrylic 204628836 Kelp Larry Callahan Acrylic 204628837 Untitled Charle Mike Fletcher Acrylic 204635850 Pinyon Jay Brooch Bryan Lewis Silver 204635862 Goose Egg Two Madison Tucker Ink 204635863