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Southern Utah Art Guild

Art for the Soul

Photo Gallery

Every Piece Has a Story Every Piece Has a Story Every Piece Has a Sort Poster 205035367 Dream Weaver Gayla Prince Wallace Oil Best of Show 205035363 Gayla Prince Wallace 205035467 The Recorder Brandi Mostowy Oil First Place 205035366 Brandi Mostowy 205035463 Refiners Fire Jenna Lineweaver Oil Second Place 205035361 Jenna Lineweaver 205035466 Nipper Mary Andrus Acrylic Third Place 205035362 Mary Andrus 205035462 Intriguing Tower Gayla Folkman Oil Honorable Mention 205035357 School Bells George Kehew Acrylic Honorable Mention 205035358 George Kehew 205035464 A Gift from the Sky Barbara Blackford Oil Honorable Mention 205035359 Celebration John Mangels Acrylic Honorable Mention 205035360 Team Work Kirk Mangus Wood Honorable Mention 205035364 Twisted Woods Sandra Sandberg Wire Honorable Mention 205035365 Sandra Sandberg 205035465 Hawaiian Lei Cheryl Sachse Acrylic 205035407 Muna Loa Flow Cheryl Sachse Acrylic 205035429 Mary's Mountain #1 Mimi Rodes Collage 205035408 Mary's Mountain #2 Mimi Rods Wool Tapestry 205035409 Homecoming Mary Andrus Acrylic 205035414 Penrod Painted in the Attic Mary Andrus Acrylic 205035410 Hats Nancy lamb Watercolor 205035411 Birds of a Feather Carol Pedersen Graphite 205035412 School Bells 1 George Kehew Acrylic 205035416 School Bells 3 George Kehew Acrylic 205035413 Mystic Glow Susan Holben Acrylic 205035415 Red Penguin Mel Scott Acrylic 205035428 Other World Mel Scott Acrylic 205035420 Floral Still Life Joe Dagnillo Oil 205035421 Contemporary Joe Dagnillo Oil 205035426 Brandi Mostowy Carol Foster Gauache 205035422 George Kehew John Mangels Acrylic 205035423 Sandra Sandberg John Mangels Acrylic 205035425 Jenna Lineweaver Kirk Mangus Gourds 205035424 Gayla Prince Wallace Rebekah Tucker Ink / Colored Pencil 205035427 Shabbat Nap Rabbi Helene Ainbinder Oil, Woodcut Print 205035468 Space Nebula Alan Curtis Acrylic 205035469 Thundering Surf Larry Callahan Acrylic 205035470 Don't Summon Demons when your Mom's not Home Emily Martinez Acrylic 205035471 Gossip at the Family Picnic Emily Martinez Acrylic 205035474 Finding Joy Jenna Lineweaver Oil 205035472 Red Rocks Speak James Lanier Acrylic 205035473 Orrin Porter Rockwell Ken Church Acrylic 205035475