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Southern Utah Art Guild

Art for the Soul

Photo Gallery

Color Explosion Color Explosion Fal Exuberant Color Gayla Folkman Watercolor Honorable Mention 205306720 Canyon Wall Eddi Malloy Acrylic Third Place 205306721 Mud Slinger Kirk Mangus Wood Honorable Mention 205306722 Blast Shirley Smith Photography First Place 205306724 Burst of Color Glen Martin Photography Honorable Mention 205306725 Color Explosion Poster 205306726 Lavender Fields Deann Rex-Free Acrylic Honorable Mention 205306727 Tied at the Hip Victoria Denning Acrylic Honorable Mention 205306728 Snake in Flower Ken Church Acrylic Best of Show 205306729 Colorful Mind Emily Martinez Ceramic Second Place 205306730 Desert Hue John Mangels Acrylic 205306731 Joy John Mangels Acrylic 205306736 Autumn Glow John Mangels Acrylic 205306732 Color Explosion John Mangels Acrylic Honorable Mention 205306737 Wissa Wasser, Egypt Allan Merrill Pastel 205306739 Fire Lake Mary Jane Grow Gouache 205306740 Day Lilies Mary Jane Grow Oil 205306741 Oops Hidi Culley Acrylic 205306742 A-Okay John Mangels Acrylic 205306743 River Beyond Sara Martinez Acrylic 205306744 Petals John Mangels Acrylic 205306745 Implosion Charles Mike Fletcher Acrylic 205306746 Space French Fries Emily Martinez Acrylic 205306747 Scarris Wheel Emily Martinez Acrylic 205306748 Free Spirit Brandi Mostowy Oil 205306760 Remembering Spring Harold Tanner Acrylic 205306761 Orange / Pink/ Blue Julie Samuelson Acrylic 205306762 Sunset Time Harold Tanner Acrylic 205306763 Up, Up, and Away Heidi Culley Acrylic 205306764 Music of Enya Ken Church Acrylic 205306765 Cracked Up Evie Atkin Gourd 205306766 Mandala Leena Stoddard Fiber Mixed Media 205306767 122 Hazel Janet White Clay 205306768 A Bloomin' Day Kay Weinland Alcohol Ink 205306795 Wintery Spring Storm Julianne Skinner Acrylic 205306796 Desert Sunrise Julianne Skinner Acrylic 205306797 Mr. Rooster Alice Hiatt Oil 205306799 Rising Sun Julianne Skinner Acrylic 205306800 An Old Lady Surrounds Herself with Good Company Spencer Wilson Acrylic 205306801 A Plum is a Plum... Maurine Harris Oil 205306807 205306808 Autumn Splendor Eddi Malloy Acrylic 205306803 Maurine Harris Oil 205306809 Feathers Carole Sorensen Acrylic 205306810 Big Kitty Rick "Rix" Martinez Acrylic 205306811 Finding My Spot Caro Gerlach Watercolor 205306812 Brushes Maryle Andrus Acrylic 205306813 Welcome to My World Susan Plouzek Molding Paste, Acrylic 205306814 205306815 Keith Maryle Andrus Acrylic 205306816 Sunset in Paradise Bailee Danklef Acrylic 205306817 Gather 'Round Maurine Harris Oil 205306839 Golden Beauties Maurine Harris Oil 205306840 Blue Sky Cactus Sandra Feldman Acrylic 205306841 Color on the Walls Susan Plouzek Molding Paste, Acrylic 205306845 John Mangels 205306843 Shirley Smith 205306844 Emily Martinez with Michael Foot 205306846 Once Upon a Blue Moon Susan Plouzek Molding Paste, Acrylic 205306842 Saguaro Margaret Abramshe Fiber 205306847