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Southern Utah Art Guild

Art for the Soul

Photo Gallery

The Gift of Art 2018 The Gift of Art 2018 Gift of Art Show Poster 205398938 A Bolder Angles Landing Ken Church Acrylic Best of Show 205398963 Over the River Gayla Folkman Watercolor First Place 205401161 Storm a Comin' Lynette Loughton Acrylic Second Place 205399030 Curious Lemur Sue Kroll Scratchboard Third Place 205401165 Quiet Afternoon Maurine Harris Oil Honorable Mention 205398958 Day of the Dead Rick Martinez Acrylic Honorable Mention 205399002 Flowing Julie Samuelson Acrylic Honorable Mention 205398971 Homestead Gayla Prince Wallace Oil Honorable Mention 205399051 Serenity Chris Kyser Photography Honorable Mention 205401163 Geraniums, Harmony CA Gary Alba Photography Honorable Mention 205401160 Autumn Wind John Mangels Acrylic 205398932 Blowin' in the Wind John Mangels Acrylic 205398934 Where's Waldo? John Mangels Acrylic 205398935 Shattered John Mangels Acrylic 205398936 Ancient Impressions John Mangels Acrylic 205398937 Johnson Canyon Maurine Harris Oil 205398954 Life is Just... Maurine Harris Oil 205398956 Orange Spice Maurine Harris Oil 205398957 Country Living Maurine Harris Oil 205398961 Navajo Home Ken Church Acrylic 205398955 Navajo House Build Under a Bolder Ken Church Acrylic 205398959 Paiute Trail Ken Church Acrylic 205398960 Snow on the Paiute Trail Ken Church Acrylic 205398962 Meadows Edge Eddi Malloy Mixe Media 205398966 A River Runs Through It Eddi Malloy Mixe Media 205398967 Zion Autumn Eddi Malloy Mixe Media 205398968 Sunset Julie Samuelson Acrylic 205398969 Sunday Drive II Susan Plouzek Acrylic 205398970 Wherever You Go, There You Are Susan Plouzek Acrylic 205398973 Paved with Good Intentions Susan Plouzek Acrylic 205398974 Are We There Yet? Susan Plouzek Acrylic 205399000 Hadrian's Wall - England Deann Rex Free Watercolor 205398972 There's Nothing on TV Emily Martinez Ceramic 205398995 Willie Where Did You Get That? Emily Martinez Ceramic 205398996 Little Black Cobra Preben Jensen Bronz 205399033 Purple Dream Preben Jensen Stone 205398997 Water Bubbles Carmen Gentry Acrylic 205398998 Germination Carmen Gentry Acrylic 205398999 Colorful Utah #1 Shirley Smith Alcohol Ink 205398994 I Remember Mama Leena Stoddard Mixe Media 205399003 The Reef Kirk Mangos Gourd / Acrylic 205399001 Collage Kirk mangos Gourd / Acrylic 205399032 Dew Drop Dragonfly Carol Gerlach Acrylic 205399027 Vase 244 Tom & Linda Stout Glass 205399028 Mandala 260 Tom & Linda Stout Glass 205399049 Desert Evening Colors Lynette Loughton Acrylic 205399026 Tong Grove Study Lynette Loughton Acrylic 205399035 Opuntia Julianne Skinner Acrylic 205399029 Velocity Julianne Skinner Acrylic 205399031 Zen Philosophy Julianne Skinner Acrylic 205399034 Dusk Gayla Prince Wallace Oil 205399050 A Mother's Memory Glen Martin Photo 205399052 Gayla Prince Wallace 205401157 Emily and Sara Martinez 205401158 Chris Kyser 205401159 Julie Samuelson 205401162 Gary Alba 205401164 Maurine Harris 205401166