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Southern Utah Art Guild

Art for the Soul

Photo Gallery

Spring Spring Spring Poster 205614204 Cleanup Pile Fred Joslin Oil Best of Show 205614195 Fred Joslin 205614191 Springtime Fantasy John Mangels Acrylic First Place 205614194 John Mangels 205614158 Velocity Basin Ilene Bandringa Photography Second Place 205614193 Ilene Bandringa 205614160 Spring Poppies Gayla Folkman Oil Third Place 205614192 Gayla Folkman 205614159 Flowers Jacob Gabriel Oil Honorable Mention 205614157 Jacob Gabriel 205614153 A New Beginning Rebekah Tucker Mixed Honorable Mention 205614152 Rebekah Tucker 205614189 Arctic Spring Ron Woodbury Acrylic Honorable Mention 205614154 Spring's Spring Deena Millecam Watercolor Honorable Mention 205614155 Snow Canyon Bloom Duke Breitenbach Photography Honorable Mention 205614156 Eqinox Evie Atkin Gourd Honorable Mention 205614161 Springtime Illusion John Mangels Acrylic 205614404 Abstract in Yellow John Mangels Acrylic 205614433 Reflections Maureen Booth Oil 205614220 Preservance Sue Swinyard Fiber Art 205614221 Peachy Brandi Mostowy Oil 205614222 Spectacular Spring Blossom Gayla Folkman Oil 205614223 Ocotillo Bloom Stephen Bryner Oil 205614224 Every Blooming Thing Ralph Malloy Mixed Media 205614225 Spring Arrives at the farm Gayla Folkman Oil 205614226 The Thaw Stephen Bryner Oil 205614227 Ready for Spring Fred Joslin Oil 205614228 House Finch Ken Church Acrylic 205614229 Clarity Rebekah Tucker Ink 205614398 The Scattering Mike Fletcher Acrylic 205614399 Perfect Storm Julianne Skinner Acrylic 205614400 Misty Spring Morning Fred Joslin Oil 205614401 Sprite Sue Swinyard Fiber Art 205614402 Desert Fruit Julianne Skinner Acrylic 205614403 Spring Thaw Carol Gerlach Acrylic 205614405 Vejle Brandi Mostowy Oil 205614406 Desert Rose Brandi Mostowy Oil 205614407 Spring Migration Sandra Feldman Watercolor 205614408 Compliments Mark Gamett Pastel 205614409 The Scattering Mike Fletcher Acrylic 205614410 Bouquet for You Sandra Feldman Watercolor 205614411 Renewal MikeFletcher Acrylic 205614413 Petals Darlene Leena Mixed 205614414 Juniper Trees Ken Church Acrylic 205614415 Lva Flow Barry Gray Wood 205614416 Cactus Beauty Aice Hiatt Pastel 205614427 Renewal Sue Swinyard Fiber Art 205614428 Fall Afternoon Charles Gouge Photography 205614429 Rock Full of Copper Charles Gouge Rock 205614417 Native American Flute Bag Charles Gouge Leather 205614493 Ghost of the desert Charles Gouge Nature 205614497 New Beginnings Maureen harris Oil 205614430 Summers Whispers Savanna Martineau Mixed 205614434 Buffalo Kirk Mangus Mixed 205614495 Love Struck Emily Martinez Oil 205614496 Spring in the Desert Alice Hiatt Pastel 205614516 On the Other Side Rebekah Tucker Mixed 205614517 Memory Matters 205614492 Memory Matters 205614494