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Southern Utah Art Guild

Art for the Soul

Policy for Exhibiting Artwork in SUAG Shows

click here to read the show policy.

SUAG Red Cliff Gallery 

2021 Art Events

 3/1/21 - 3/26/21          DSU Senior Art Show (Kimber Cottam and Sierra Lewis)

4/6/21 - 4/30/21        Washington County School District Art Show

5/7/21 - 6/3/21            SUAG "Portals and Pathways"

6/18/21 - 7/29/21        SUAG "Only Abstraction"

8/2/21 - 8/27/21         SUAG Solo Artist Show, works by Victoria Denning

9/10/21 - 10/7/21        SUAG "Fall Splendor"

10/11/21 - 11/5/21         DSU Senior Art Show (Quingxu Wei)

11/12/21 - 12/16/21       SUAG "Gift of Art" and DSU Senior Art Show

(Jordan Whicker)

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