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Southern Utah Art Guild

Art for the Soul

Mission Statement

Southern Utah Art Guild (SUAG) promotes the growth and development of the visual arts throughout Southern Utah by providing opportunities, education and support for its membership including individuals, patrons and organizations.

The guild welcomes both the novice and professional artist from all visual art mediums.

Play videos below to view Red Cliff Gallery and Arrowhead Gallery ETC. 

Monthly Membership Meeting

3rd Wednesday each Month, 5:30 PM

Member Art Critique Night and Artist Demonstration

             Feb 16 - Valerie Orlemann demonstrates oils

           Mar 16 - Jenni Klunker manufactures custom art frames and art panels www.jcwoodsystems .com

           Apr 20 - Mary Jabens demonstrates oils 

           May 18 - Arlene Braithwaite, demonstrating  pastels

           Sept 21 - Next SUAG Monthly Membership Meeting

Current Art Shows and Opportunities for the Premier St. George Art Scene!

Southern Utah Art Guild Presents at 

Red Cliff Gallery

Next SUAG Show:

SUAG "Escape from Reality"

June 10 - July 28, 2022

Winners List

Margo Swena

Artist's Reception

Friday, April 8, 2022

(6 PM - 8 PM)

Artist's Bio: Margo Swena‘s inspiration is born out of the glorious scenery, history, and saga of the Southwest, and her love and respect for Native American traditions and cultures. “I have long admired Native Americans’ respect and care of Mother Earth; their honor and gratitude to Father Sky; bravery, wisdom and sheer determination for survival- amid great injustice and their reverence for all things living.” love of oils, acrylics, and watercolors took a marvelous turn after studying with famed Utah portrait artist; Del Parson in 2012- 2013.

Margo began a “love affair with the organic dry medium of charcoal made from Grapevine and Willow twigs and Mesquite, which are burned in a kiln to remove the oxygen.” Discovering her gift for charcoal portraits after Parson’s class, Margo began experimentation with paints and charcoal. “I wanted to paint on un-primed canvas and I wanted the charcoal portraits to become permanent. I found that I could paint my canvas with acrylic in wonderful desert hues and rich turquoise, and still work the charcoal by drawing, hatching, rubbing, and blending the charcoal with a chamois and my fingers.” A coat of Matt Permanent Fixative Spray is used to preserve the final piece. Margo tastefully uses authentic tribal embellishments, such as shells; Buffalo bone jewelry; turquoise beads or feathers, to adorn some pieces.

Margo’s ancestors have been traced to pure Mohawk 7th Generation Great Grandfather Chief Teoniahigarawe or Anglo name King Hendrick Theyanoguin 1680-1755 (a title given him by Queen Anne.) “ I am thrilled that we have recently been able to link to our 6th-12th generation Mohawk Native Ancestors.”

Margo’s awards include 1st place/oils “Art of Jupiter’s Moon” 54th Annual Tri-State Exhibition- (ILL., IA., MO.)

1st place Water Color “ Emerging Hope” 58th Annual Art Exhibition Keokuk IA Art Center, “Both pieces were inspired by my instructor; the famed/late Midwest Artist, Wendell Mohr. “Wendell taught me to Paint every day and let the paint take me where it wants to go.”

Margo is a member of The Southern Utah Art Guild and is currently represented by Arrowhead Gallery downtown St. George, Utah, and Arté Gallery. Margo’s works and commissions are in private collections. and commissions are in private collections.

Looking for a gift of art?

Arrowhead Gallery and the Red Cliff Gallery are great places to find that perfect, unique gift.   

Visit the Arrowhead Gallery Fine Art Store

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