| a Southern Utah Art Guild Gallery

The Red Cliff Gallery is unique in that is open to all artists who are members of The Guild. We accept all mediums and experience levels from professionals to new artists. You do not have to be juried into our shows, so this is a great place for emerging artists to begin their journey into the art world. We encourage new artists to participate in the shows as a way to become familiar with the art show process and gain experience and confidence.

All our shows are theme-based and are held throughout the year.

Participants exhibit their work to the public and are judged in order to receive awards. We host a reception for each show where artists, their friends and family and art patrons can connect with each other with each other. All artwork is available for sale.

Red Cliff Gallery is one of two art galleries within the Southern Utah Art Guild. The other is the Arrowhead Gallery which is a juried, co-op gallery.


The Guild “Dreamscapes”
June 16- July 27 / 6 weeks

OIl Painting Workshop
July 8, 2023 (1-2:30 pm)


The Guild Solo Show 
(Deena Millecam, Stephen Saundau, and Margaret Abramshe)
July 31-Aug 28 / 4 weeks

The Guild “Our Changing Climate”
Sept 1-Oct 5 / 5 weeks

Washington City Arts Council
Oct 13-Nov 9 / 4 weeks

The Guild “The Gift of Art”
Nov 17-Dec 21 / 5 weeks

Southern Utah Art Guild
Member Christmas Party