Chad Martin | an Arrowhead Gallery Artist

Gourder, Carver, and Crafter, is an artist, based in Southern Utah, who makes use of aesthetically striking elements from nature to create unique, inventive, and one of a kind, works of art.

Living in Utah, he grew up exploring the colorful and distinctive natural environment around him. In Jr. High School he began working with wood, skillfully building furniture and imaginative wall hangings. Over the past few years, he has discovered working with gourds. Although similar to carving wood, gourds enable use of varied and organic materials from the earth.

“Each gourd I create has its own character and story.”

Gourds can be carved, painted, burned, dyed, sanded, and polished, which opens up a pathway for this artist to explore visually stimulating abstract possibilities.

“Working with gourds, wood, and rock is a way to bring the wonders of nature indoors.”

Chad’s work can currently be seen in his Art Studio and a gallery in Springdale Utah.